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Funny thing about life–spiritual or secular–when you think you have a good grip on the bat; the bat breaks. Mine ended up sailing over the pitcher’s head. That is exactly why the Lord ask to pinch hit for us to help us avoid that type of set-back. Speaking of set-backs; the last time I wrote I was walking to third base and because I had learned to take my time, be patient and rest in God, I was beginning to feel just a bit haughty. Which seems to happen to me quite often, and with the understanding that I have with the Lord He lets me know immediately.

I just recently retired after thirty years with a municipal fire department and some years back I was badly injured on a house fire when the front porch roof collapsed on top of me immediately rendering me several inches shorter. Since then my back has had a flair-up or two, and it just so happened that while I was proudly strolling toward third another flair-up introduced itself to me. Unless you have had a bad backache you may not completely appreciate my predicament. Let me just say that a backache is a great attention getter.

Of course, at first I tried surgery, medication, therapy, and holistic treatment to no avail. Then I went to the church elders for prayer, and still nothing. So this time I had decided to handle it myself and take it straight to the Man Up Stairs! He and I had it out; or at least I screamed at God until I tired. Again, to no avail, but when I had finally shut-up I was able to hear the Lord’s voice, “My grace is sufficient.”

I truly believe that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it was during my time living outside of the Kingdom of God that I became a target for the devil and I got pummeled. I now have the scars that ache at times when I begin to drift outside the Kingdom. Oh yes, God can and will heal every single ache as I walk with Him in His Kingdom, His road, and His time.

One thing about second base is it gives you a great view of the field, the game, and the stands. From my view point I can see another player who is out in left field, lying on his back, watching the clouds. Yes, there are more than just butterflies to distract you. The scary part is how enjoyable it is to do your own thing out in left field. But deep down inside we know we cannot do our own thing in the game. There are rules for all players and no one can pick which rule to follow and which to disobey.

If however, you choose not to play the game you can become a spectator or leave the park entirely. Although, if you do not play you will not be able to participate in the after game celebrations or the championship awards banquet. I don’t know about you, I do not want to be left out in the dark while there is celebrations happening. So until next time, I will be waiting for my signal from third, as I am sure, the base Coach has been waiting for my attention.


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