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When it is all said and done there will always just be a remnant of the population that represents the Messiah, and it will always be enough. The Bible has story after story of rising above the challenge, overcoming the obstacles, and never letting fatigue take you over. What the Bible is lacking is all the great times we are to have here on earth while we frolic in the sun with all of our wonderful possessions just like the main church messages today. Most sermons are geared around the few scriptures that talk of riches and wonder that one can have with a life in the Messiah. However, the riches and wonder are the Messiah, and not the things of this world. Most certainly our Heavenly Father will provide all our needs; unfortunately, we no longer can differentiate our needs from our wants.

Believers today are beginning to understand what life in the Messiah really means and to think of others more than yourself actually benefits you from not obsessing on your little aches and pains, your troubles or your desires. To allow the mind of God to completely take over your very soul is true freedom, and it is that freedom that allows you to step up into discipleship of the Messiah and make a difference.

Those who are of the remnant realize that numbers, as with time, mean nothing to God. It has always been a quality thing for Creation and never about quantity. Therefore, no matter how many believers make up the Acolytes there will always be enough to implement the necessary prayer to change the world. So please do not wait a second longer if the Blessed Holy Spirit has been asking you to begin interceding for this world, kneel and go to work.

In the book, “The Kneeling Christian” it is written–“We are never so high as when we are on our knees.” I believe that it may be time to fly!


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