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Johnny’s Journey I

Chapter 1

On this journey I wish to share with you parts of my life (as I am lead by the Holy Spirit) that may be of interest and possibly helpful. The Lord Jesus and the Disciples used parables to convey various messages and I thought I would do the same. I do this in hopes that it may help keep someone from following the same path I walked that caused me so much pain. So many paths and only one that leads to home to our Holy Father God. The paths I usually picked led me into left field. Being out in left field is a phrase I have used for years and was constantly asked what it meant, and that is what I wished to share with you.

God is such a loving Father He truly cares about every element of our lives, and He has through Messiah Jesus on the cross provided a way for us to navigate this baseball diamond we call life. He guarantees every batter a home-run pitch if we play by the rule. The rule is not complicated, but its application is. The one and only rule to insure success at bat is to let God pinch-hit. That was asking too much and so I usually took the pitch myself. Once on base I would follow the baseline, which is the Bible for guidance, and paid attention to the base coach–the Holy Spirit–for council. Unfortunately, rounding second base I would always be distracted off the baseline and into left field to play with the butterflies.

That’s the thing, our training levels vary from one individual to another, and what distracts me from running straight to third may be different for someone else. The opposing team’s dugout, the crowds, or just the little butterflies; when we take our eyes off the third base coach we lose sight of the ultimate goal–home plate–God. Whether it is little league, semi-pro, or like me–T-ball, it’s all played under the same single rule.

There is some validity to this analogy with baseball and life, but why I chose it I have no idea. When I was younger I was obsessed with sports, heck, I was obsessed with life; wine, women, song, (cigars were there too). Why not? That is what we are taught from our youth up, live life to its fullest. You only go around once, so take as much as you can! Trouble is, you go around once, but it last for eternity!

At some point in time out there in left field I finally found myself with another chance at bat I let God take the swing and discovered that I can do the pinch-running. This time I realize that I must prepare myself for the run home and it begins with a relationship with the Creator, my team Captain, our clean-up Hitter, the Holy Father God. Don’t get me wrong, the Lord allows us the privilege to enjoy His creation, however, we must never allow it to distract us from the base-line.

The trouble is we make this life of earthly possessions as the number one reason for living, and that is not the way to make it around the bases. Focus on God and the rest will follow. Matthew 6:33 – “But first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.” NAS

So I am on my way to third now after standing on second for the past year–it was my time-out, a time to dust off, pull my socks up, tie the shoes and make the necessary adjustments; and after getting the signal from my third base coach I am finally off second base.   Which is a story for the next chapter.


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