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Just a little thought on how incredible the Bible is for our health. Several thousand years ago the Bible enabled its readers to live a healthier life than those who did not subscribe to the Bible teachings. I am talking mostly about how the Bible (Old Testament) addressed the issues of fats and carbohydrates in our diets a few years before science discovered the application.  Leviticus 7:23 prohibited eating fat from any meat source, chapter 3 verse 17 advised against obesity, chapter 11 verse 9 once again in the Book of Leviticus advises the consumption of cold water fish, and it goes on and on. Today we call the Bible diet the “Mediterranean Diet”, and we forget that for centuries those who followed the diet listed in the Old Testament thousands of years ago lived a healthier life than those who did not.

Here at Cepher we have been doing a little research into our Creator’s original diet for His people and are compiling a list of some of the more accessible foods, and are also in the process of contacting the various suppliers to publish some info shortly.

If there was ever a time to get back to the basics….


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